Living at Glennwood

Glennwood House of Laguna Beach, offers individual apartment style living on a 33,000 square foot site that includes ADA compliant state-of-the-art living, dining, kitchen, two recreational/multi-media lounges, and communal social spaces. Glennwood is conveniently located close to beach access and is approximately 1 1/2 miles from the Laguna Beach village center.

  • Transportation is provided to activities, medical appointments, as well as shopping.
  • Residents have access to onsite laundry services
  • Housekeeping support is provided
  • The dining room offers breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as daily healthy snacks
  • Apartment rental includes utilities, cable TV, and WIFI

Our community

We have a commitment to our Residents to provide activities related to developing creative skills in art, music, photography, gardening, nutrition and exercise. Residents are active in the community attending Glennwood adventure trips, local entertainment venues, beach walks. Living at the ocean encourages active involvement with our environment and care for our beach community.

Individual Rooms

Residents are encouraged to decorate and furnish their rooms with their personal touch. Each room has a private bathroom and closet. Wifi and cable television service is included.

Dining and Multi-Media Room

The large dining room is equipped with multiple seating areas, large screen television, sound system, grab and go refrigerators, heating and air conditioning.

Exterior Spaces

Exterior spaces are beautifully designed with multiple seating options for community gatherings and activities, ocean views, an organic garden and outdoor dining options with ample shade for “sea & sun” living.

The B & G Lounge / Activity Room

Designed as a multi use area with group seating and work areas, large screen television, Peloton bikes, a Hydro-rowing machine, private conference room, heating and air conditioning. Music, dance and yoga classes can be held in this beautiful ocean view room.

Recreation Activities

Recreation is vital to everyday life at Glennwood consisting of beach walks, exercise in the B & G Lounge, off-site basketball, bowling, softball, soccer, kayaking and paddle boarding opportunities as well as community activities.

Quiet Spaces

Sometimes everyone needs a quiet space to just be by themselves or talk with a buddy.

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