Glennwood Seeks to Break
Down Barriers

Through an invitation for Glennwood parents and residents to present to students at Chapman's Disability, Families and Society: Issues of Professional Policy and Support class, students were able to regularly engage in dialog and gain first hand insights into the challenges faced by persons with intellectual / developmental disabilities.

Make everyday independence day.

The purpose of the Glennwood programs is to provide pathways to independence that ensure access and recognition of the importance and assurance of lasting peer relationships. Through Glennwood Support Services everyone has the opportunity to learn and grow with each individual supporting their peers, celebrating their diversity, and embracing each other’s contributions. The Glennwood programs promote increased self-esteem and assist adults with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities in developing the daily living skills necessary to live independently and live, work, and play in their local communities.

Persons with disabilities deserve the resources and support services necessary for equity and inclusion in their communities of choice. A critical area of need is safe affordable housing and Glennwood House of Laguna Beach was established to assist in meeting that need. It is also critical to address access to education, transportation, fulfilling employment, and the right of personal choice in daily living and lifelong goals.

Glennwood Housing Foundation, dba: Glennwood Support Services advocates for removing the barriers and creating pathways for self-determination, housing options, meaningful employment, early access to education, training, and volunteering opportunities. These pathways increase awareness and acceptance and validate the contributions of persons with special needs as participating members of their communities.

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Programs & Services

Programs & Services

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Glennwood House in the heart of beautiful Laguna Beach
Open spaces to hang out and enjoy good times with friends
Opportunities to explore attractions throughout Southern California
Supporting our local community by shopping at the Farmers Market
Keeping active and healthy through individual and group fitness opportunities
Independence celebrates deep bonds of friendship
Flexible common spaces that work for small gatherings or large group activities
Coastal living brings out the best recreation of all
We are out and about in every season enjoying time with friends
Sharing creative expression and learning new skills
Giving back to our community and sharing our individual and collective passions
Our commitment to healthy living by planting, caring for and harvesting food

The independence Campaign

The Independence Campaign

Partner with us today in providing support for independence, wellness, and choice for persons with special needs. Lets make Every Day Independence Day!

Partners & Collaboration

Partners & Collaboration

Laguna Outreach Community Arts (LOCA) and the University of California Master Gardeners are our onsite volunteer partners. If your group, school or association would like to explore a collaborative off-site project or activity we welcome you to contact us. We are always open to new ideas and residents love to meet new friends.


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Abilities Unlimited

Creative Identity

Dreams of America

Goodwill of Orange County

Integrated Resources Initiative

Regional Center of Orange County

Vocational Visions

The Thompson Center for Autism at CHOC

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