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Once children reach the age of 18 many transitional support services through school systems end and new chapters in their lives begin. Many young adults with disabilities often find themselves feeling isolated and Glennwood Support Services provides the opportunity for not only continued personal growth but for pathways toward inclusive participation in an expansive world.

  • All individuals are supported in communicating their personal choices for daily living, and planning their own futures.
  • Opportunities for engagement in the community are provided and encouraged such as attendance at the Festival of Arts events, the Laguna Playhouse, City Art and Garden Walks, Music in the Park and Volunteer Opportunities throughout Orange County.
  • Onsite activities at Glennwood House, Laguna Beach, and offsite activity opportunities are available focusing on exercise, lifelong learning, and expansion of circles of support including behavioral health and communication.
  • Individuals living at Glennwood House, Laguna Beach, are provided a safe and compassionate community environment.
  • Individuals and their circle of support work closely together with Glennwood Support Services to meet the needs of the individual in achieving fulfillment and well-being.
  • Glennwood Support Services has a commitment to advocating for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and their families and providing pathways for inclusion.

Review the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Glennwood House


  • What is the availability? Glennwood has 42 apartments and currently 46 Residents. There are 40 single apartments and two shared apartments.
  • What is the program cost? For Orange County Regional Participants, the family/Resident fees are between $3,250 and $3,750 depending on the size of the room. The program cost for Non-Regional Center Residents is $5,550. There is a non-refundable $3,000 deposit upon move-in. (Please note: Regional Center candidates require a referral from the assigned Service Coordinator prior to consideration.)
  • What does this include? Glennwood fees include 24-hour staff support, three healthy meals and three snacks daily, gluten & dairy free options and service for special dietary needs provided, supervised use of laundry room and gym equipment: onsite and offsite activities, transportation to activities and medical appointments, WIFI and cable, utilities, as well as assistance with housekeeping.
  • Are there any additional fees? Residents work within their family determined monthly budget for meals outside of Glennwood, costs such as movies or theme park outings. Residents are advised of any activities requiring additional funds and those activities are voluntary.
  • Furnishing Apartments: Residents furnish their own apartments. Apartments do not have kitchens, but Residents can have small size refrigerators for storage of drinks and food storage. Guidelines for refrigerator and television sizes will be provided prior to move-in.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance is included, excluding any damage caused by the Resident.
  • Are Residents Required to Work? All Residents participate in a structured program, i.e., work, volunteer, school, or day program of their choice. Glennwood’s program holds, as a foundational philosophy, that Residents be engaged in a meaningful experience in the community.
  • Does Glennwood have a waiting list? Glennwood does not have a waiting list. Glennwood has a waiting group. Candidates for trial stays are chosen by the Administration based upon best fit for program and peer compatibility for our community. An interest application form is available.

Staying fully engaged

Residents have a wide variety of choices to engage in activities both on-site at Glennwood, and most importantly, out in our local community. Activities are driven by the interests of the Residents and facilitated by our Community Engagement Coordinators.

Pride in our commitments

Our community takes pride in the many expressions of independent responsibilities and commitments they fulfill every day. Day Programs, full or part-time employment, college classes, volunteer service projects, all demonstrate their dedication.

Exploring our world together

At the foundation of Glennwood’s philosophy is to create a community environment where staff and residents together explore opportunities to enjoy recreation, try new skills and develop friendships. Our outlook on life at Glennwood is driven by the desire to explore the world around us together. Developing social connections is a critical component to enjoying a fulfilling life.

Involved locally

Giving back and developing relationships within our local community is an important part of our community and the Residents’ G-Force outreach group. We support a large number of clubs and activities that have community involvement. We are grateful to the City of Laguna Beach, a small town approach with a big heart! Our house and our city are committed to both our inclusion and our independence

Continue to learn

Ongoing educational workshops, events & tours are provided by professionals both on and off campus. Residents are able to choose their areas of interest as well as explore new educational and creative opportunities ranging from sports, creative and performing arts, science, nutrition, gardening and cooking, health and exercise.

Meet our leadership team

Highly trained healthcare and business professionals come together to provide a stable, loving & high quality environment for residents. To help them meet their full potential, explore new interests & enjoy a life of independency.

Faith Manors, MAOL

Chief Executive Officer

Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, Chapman University
Organizational strategist committed to building empowered and engaged residential peer-driven communities.

Rachel Landers

Associate Director / Supported Living Administrator

Bachelors in Education / Disabilities Studies, Chapman University
Program specialist committed to promoting inclusion and behavioral support towards full community engagement at every level

Janet Parsons

Director of Development & Housing

Certificate in Non-Profit Administration and Development Strategies, CSULB
Non-profit development, and residential strategist dedicated to building broad based private and local partnerships which support innovative inclusive communities

Myrna Carrillo

Health & Wellness Coordinator / Supported Living Administrator

Experienced residential professional with enhanced behavioral training and a focused approach to promoting and improving health and wellness throughout our community

Samantha Rivera

Training and Multi-Media Coordinator / Supported Living Administrator

Experienced residential professional with enhanced training on Person-Centered Planning and a focused approach to creating Individual Service Plans which propel Residents towards greater independence

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